Analyze your data in minutes! Transform it into actionable, visual information. Get answers and insight to make confident decisions — all on your own. WebFOCUS from TIBCO lets you easily create interactive visualizations that drill down to examine details or add more data for a new or different perspective.


Learn what’s most likely to influence outcomes. When you add your data and define a target, such as customer orders, won deals or product quality, you see the top drivers associated with the outcome. You can keep it simple and focus on the most important driver or go in depth and see the combination of drivers contributing to the result. Easily merge important business information from multiple sources; spreadsheet, CRM, ERP and SCM application data can be joined into interactive dashboards or active reports.


A simple drag and drop user experience creates beautiful visuals that can show your data off to its best advantage. When finished, you’re ready to make your point—compellingly. Mobility allows for easy deployment of dashboards or reports to any iPhone, Android, or Microsoft device or any Tablet. Data for analytics comes in many forms; now you have a place where you can make sure it’s in sync and with the ability to slice, dice, visualize, and share.


This game changing software solution is now available from Consultech Services, Inc.! We offer a free 30 day download for you to try the product and see its value on your own. Here’s the link: Webfocus.com


Let’s talk about WebFOCUS and what it can do for your business — and more importantly — where analytics will help grow your organization, drive revenue, and position you to surpass expectations.

Enables your organization to make better decisions by transforming critical data into valuable information and true insight. Users can visualize, analyze, and share information across their department or entire organization, at a price point that makes sense.